Bright Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

Bright Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

Totally Integrated ERP Software Solutions for Financial, Human Resources, Contracting, Distribution, Real Estate, Transportation & Consulting and other companies

Solution Overview

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solutions automates key business processes and implements proven best practices through logical, user friendly interactions. With Bright, your company gains real-time information that enables you to manage proactively, make timely action, and simplify your business processes

Business Benefits

  • Comprehensive financials including accounting, budgeting, financial reporting and more
  • Get instant visibility into real-time financial and operational performance across your entire company using site to site connection
  • Streamline all back-office processes across financial management, revenue management, order management, billing and inventory management
  • Improve accountability and compliance with robust, auditable accounting and powerful reporting
  • Reduce IT cost and receive software upgrades with your ERP solution delivered by our team
  • Get secure access to your financials with ERP Solution built-in security and audit features

Key Features

  • Client – Server architecture, database independence
  • Multi-lingual (English, Arabic, other languages could be added per client request)
  • Support for Multi-Company, Multi-Branch, Multi-Department, Multi-Currency, Multi-Chart of Account and unlimited number of levels
  • Required senior confirmation for transactions and journal entries before posting the data
  • Enables senior monitoring of actions taken by using an auditing report including the details of transaction taken (ex. time of transaction, user who did the transaction. etc.)
  • Special editing actions enabled, including reverse of the transaction, copy and edit transactions
  • Support import/export all reports to spreedsheets (ex. MS Excel)
  • Full user/job security level control features
  • Receiving transactions from different sub-ledgers
  • Support for Cost Centers
  • Generation of full set of financial statements
  • Budgeting accounts balances and comparing against actual
  • Full featured financial statements and reports
  • Statistical table and graph report output

Main Modules

General Ledger System

General Ledger is the heart of our business accounting solution and is our most powerful module. Combining flexibility with ease of use, General Ledger gives you the critical information you need to make timely and informed business decisions.

Accurate financial statements and associated reports generated by a general ledger system are critical for timely decision making. Therefore, it is imperative that a general ledger system be powerful, flexible, and informative to management, yet still be easy to use and operate. With Bright Information System, you can rest assured that your crucial accounting information is precise and accessible whenever and wherever you need it

Fixed Assets System

The Fixed Assets system provides you with control over your assets and their depreciation. You can record comprehensive information for each asset. The system provides enterprises with all the information required about its assets and makes it easier for an enterprise to well-manage its business.

Purchased / Order System

Managing inventory cycles and maintaining adequate stock levels can be complex processes without the right management tools. When used in conjunction with Accounts Payable, the Stock Control module contains extensive purchase order features designed to help you maintain accurate inventory records and streamline your purchasing processes. Built to save you time and ensure that you never run out of key items, purchase orders can be automatically generated when your on-hand quantity falls below a specified minimum level

Stock Control Management System

Successful, well-organized businesses rely heavily on their inventory management system to make certain they have adequate inventory levels to satisfy their customers. The Stock Control module for the Bright Information System provides this level of control by offering high-end features normally reserved for large companies, including: serial number tracking and multi-warehouse support. Improved customer service leads to increased profitability. And, when integrated with our Accounts Receivable and Sales modules, Inventory Control can significantly boost your customer service levels while operating as the cornerstone of an effective manufacturing or distribution solution.

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