PharmaConnect System

PharmaConnect incorporates robotics and workflow within a unified architecture. This highly reliable platform means minimal downtime and maximum efficiency for your pharmacy.

Business Features

  1. Intelligent user interface for improved workflow and productivity in the pharmacy.
  2. Enhances patient safety and accuracy.
  3. User friendly interface.
  4. Easy-to-train, easy-to-learn, and easy-to-use system.
  5. Advanced search and filtering feature.
  6. Barcoding module to generate and print 2D barcodes on drug boxes
  7. Formulary Management
  8. Support dispensing Rowa and non Rowa items according to the item availability
  9. Open packs and repacking support
  10. Supports RX orders due to patient discharge
  11. Post stock transactions instantly in ERP/inventory management system to reflect dispensed drug items (both from the machine or manually)
  12. Capability of dispensing drug items at the batch level according to the pharmacist
  13. Ability to create and handle multiple pickup orders from different counters and manage sending them to ROWA system without any conflicts between orders.
  14. All received RX orders that are related to one patient will be grouped together and prepared under one RX in PharmaConnect to be dispensed, collected and delivered together.
  15. Provides the administrators with detailed and statistical reports to get a complete view of workload trends, inventory and efficiency.
  16. User management to add, edit and delete user accounts and give them the proper privileges according to their roles in the pharmacy (pharmacist, technician, management)
  17. The system identify who entered, filled and dispensed each prescription, including the time and date.
  18. The system allows workstations monitoring (current status and user logs)
  19. Seamless Integration with the following systems:
    • HIS systems
    • ERP/Inventory Management System
    • ROWA Vmax the drug dispensing robot
    • Queuing System

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