Docunet – Correspondence & Document management System

Docunet – Correspondence & Document management System

The Solution to all your Document Management and Workflow Needs.

FutureGate Software has developed a comprehensive Document Management System, DocuNet which provides distinct advantages for organizations that deal with all document formats.

DocuNet Architecture

DocuNet is not just another document archiving system; it is the latest technology system for document management and archiving. It has a fully inter-operable architecture and contains different modules including:

  • Document Management
  • Document Workflow
  • Classification and Storage for the physical files
  • Organization Chart
  • System Administration

Why DocuNet?

DocuNet is a powerful, consolidated, database-centric and electronic document management system that provides a comprehensive, integrated solution for document life cycle management.

DocuNet Architecture is based on oracle database that provides a secure, reliable, and scalable back-end storage management solution for business documents like paper documents, word processing documents, spreadsheets, presentations, PDFs, graphics files, photos, and so on.

DocuNet comes with rich features for archiving, managing, indexing and retrieving documents.

DocuNet is designed to help organizations manage the content and business processes that must come together to improve the way decisions are made – by individuals, across project teams and departments.

DocuNet supports critical business functions by delivering rapid access to billions of objects for thousands of users, providing customers, employees, and partners with the information they need to make informed and accurate decisions.

DocuNet helps organizations manage complex documents and control, share, and quickly access any form of content in a secure and highly scalable environment. It activates critical business content delivering the right information when it matters most.

DocuNet allows companies and government agencies to automate, streamline, and optimize their complex business processes. With this solution, processes supporting millions of transactions and thousands of users can be quickly deployed and immediately modified so companies can better respond to changing conditions.

Key Business Benefits

  • DocuNet helps organizations store all types of documents (Paper as well as computer based documents) they deal with in a single central repository of documents.
  • Improve productivity and enable immediate access to critical information by dramatically reducing the time associated with searching and locating documents. DocuNet Delivers high-performance information retrieval to huge volumes of documents.
  • DocuNet ensure longer life and lower archival costs for documents that are required to be stored for statutory and/or commercial reasons.
  • Storing and safeguarding large volumes of critical documents and other unstructured business information in a highly available environment.
  • Flexible to integrate with in-house and third party software.
  • Extend the reach of information to whomever, wherever, and whenever it is needed by decreasing decision cycle time from days to minutes in order to respond faster to requirements.
  • Provide proven scalability, flexibility, and performance by making use of Oracle/MS SQL Server database technologies.
  • Ensure information security, accuracy and regulatory compliance and, consequently, reduce and better manage risk. Since the integrated security system ensures only authorized access and protects the Organization’s most valuable asset – Knowledge!

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