EventPro Online Event Management System

Provides a flexible, automated and interactive online registration management system for the events and activities in a meticulous fashion.

The online registration is becoming an extremely popular method of registration prior events. FutureGate Software comes up with the Event Registration and Management System that eases the registration management process for visitors and their companions’ information in addition to visa issuing tracking.

The system enables visitors to register in more than one event and track their applications status and visa issuing through dedicated online visitors portal account.


  • Create better image to visitors about organizer’s high quality services and provide them with what they need faster than expected.
  • Use straightforward online registration form to enable visitors to register quickly prior each upcoming event.
  • Manage events, activities, visitor data, visa issuing, hotel & flight reservations, and airport arrivals via Internet.
  • Administrators can use the advanced search and filtering feature to find any visitor/companion record and files (Visa, Passport Copy…etc).
  • Be up-to-date with daily and statistics reports.
  • Use email/SMS notifications on form submission and visa issuing.
  • Arabic/English user interface.

Key System Features

Online Registration
  • Enable visitors to register their personal information, activity participation and flight/hotel information in addition to upload their official documents.
  • Visitors can register all the information of their companions through the online portal.
  • Organizers can easily search and view the applications, open attachments, upload the visa file for each one, and sent notification to the visitor about visa issuing.
Fast On-Site Visitor Registration
  • Provide visitors with registration barcodes and badges that will fast-track the on-site arrival registration process.
System Customization
  • Organizer name and logo can be personalized in the system.
  • The system built upon latest web technologies and can be customized for the organizer’s business needs.
Minimize Errors & Duplications
  • Eliminate illegible handwriting frustrations and reduce manually inputted errors to a minimum.
  • The high functionality of the conflict-free system automatically prevents duplicate entries.
  • Get all relevant registration information through the registration form mandatory fields.
Saves Time & Money
  • Waste no time and cost on installation since the entire system is server-sided and accessed by any internet browser.
  • Centralized system database throughout the entire registration management process.
  • Get benefit of unlimited defined system users, events, activities, and visitors with no additional cost.
  • Whether you organize a large event or a small one…It doesn’t matter! Our system saves your time, money and worries that occur from trying to coordinate everything manually by yourself.
  • Our expert team provides professional standard consultancy services to make sure of best use of the all system features.
Easy To Use
  • The system is designed to give the most comfortable online environment for visitors and organizers.
  • No technical expertise is needed; display visitors and companions’ information clearly, and take the appropriate action through user-friendly interfaces.
Visitors Portal
  • Provide visitors with an easy-to-use online portal account to register, get barcode and badge file, edit their personal information, upload required files, and trace their application status & visa issuing in real-time.
Export Into Microsoft Excel
  • All the reports generated by the system can be exported to Microsoft Excel. You can then process it into your event/activity schedules or do your own report formatting.

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