PharmaFlow System

Our PharmaFlow Solution creates a safe, systematic workflow process that extends accuracy to every prescription you fill and ensures efficient dispensing.

What is PharmaFlow Solution?

FutureGate Software combines the latest technology with input from the pharmacy community to develop PharmaFlow solution that helps you achieve your goals and to be certain it brings safety and accuracy to every pharmacy setting. Our PharmaFlow solution is used for the Outpatient Pharmacy in hospitals and consists of software modules that cover the following:

  • Automated and User Friendly PharmaFlow solution.
  • Integration with HIS system applied in the hospital.
  • Integration with Robotic Dispenser (ROWA VMax)
  • Integration with Queuing System applied in the hospital.
  • Eliminate “Wrong Drug” medication errors through barcode drug verification
  • Integration with Accounting System and POS devices to process payment directly
  • Executive Dashboard to monitor performance and workflow
  • Management tools for daily operational level administration

Business Benefits

  • Less waiting time for patients in pharmacy.
  • Intelligent user interface for improved workflow and productivity in the pharmacy.
  • Enhances patient safety and accuracy.
  • Promotes greater patient care and convenience.
  • Free up pharmacists to spend time with their patients.
  • Easy-to-train, easy-to-learn, and easy-to-use system.
  • Advanced search and filtering feature.
  • Eliminates ‘wrong drug’ medication errors through the enforced positive drug barcode scan (drug verification).
  • Implements flexible, best-practice workflow for the pharmacy room.
  • Provides the administrators with detailed and statistical reports to get a complete view of workload trends and efficiency.
  • Facilitate daily routine work for pharmacist and technicians
  • Centralized System Management, Configuration, and Monitoring for multiple sites, and multiple machines.

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