Provides organizations with an additional communication channel to reach the largest possible audience, enhancing communication options and adaptability.

FutureGate Software focuses on developing mobile messaging solutions for companies that look for fast, interactive, user friendly and widely used communication methods.

The DirectSMS provides a full featured web to mobile text messaging solution. This enables your business to increase productivity and customer service while reducing its communication costs.

Whether you’re looking to interact via SMS with a mobile sales team, send thousands of messages simultaneously to a marketing database, or simply send a quick text to a colleague or customer, DirectSMS allows you to do this and more. All you need is a basic web browser.

Main Features

  • Arabic / English User friendly interface.
  • Fast and guaranteed SMS delivery.
  • Easily manage users, contacts, groups and messages.
  • Easy to define public/private contacts.
  • Simple and convenient way to manage public/private groups of contacts.
  • Highly detailed and real-time delivery status for each sent message.
  • Seamless integration with any applications/systems using DirectSMS – API Web Service.
  • DirectSMS rely on an effective and reliable SMS Gateway Service.

Manage Messages

  • Flexible method in preparation and sending bulk SMS Messages.
  • Simple interface to manage messages lists.
  • Messages are displayed according to the granted privileges.
  • The system supports exporting the list of sent messages to MS Excel.

Manage Groups

  • Organize contacts in groups according to the business needs.
  • Importing group’s contacts list from Excel file.

Manage Contacts

  • Organize your contacts information quick, fast and easy.
  • Export the contacts list to MS Excel.

Manage Users

  • Define and manage unlimited number of users.
  • Activate/Deactivate user account.
  • Manage user privileges.
  • Active Directory Integration.

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